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Residential Structures

Residential structures include:

  • Single dwellings. (1 and 2 storey)
  • 'Granny' flats.
  • Duplexes.
  • Townhouses.
  • Medium density units. (3 storey maximum)
  • Similar magnitude buildings
External Wall Structural Damage - ADC Structural Reports

Damage Assessment

Common types of structural damage include:

  • Cracks/gaps in walls, suspended floors and roofs.
  • Cracks in 'slab-on-ground' floors and vehicle driveways.
  • Deflection of steel and concrete beams.
  • Displacement and cracking of retaining walls.
  • Corrosion of structural steelwork.
  • Structural insurance claims assessments.
  • Vehicle impact damage to buildings.
  • Dilapidation reports.
  • Pre-purchase and vendor property reports.
Concrete Driveway Damage - ADC Structural Reports

Structural Reporting

Verbal Reports

  • Detailed outline and cause of each defect.
  • Structural status in relation to relevant Standards Australia Codes and/or Fair Trading Specification(s).
  • Recommendation(s) in regard to execution of repair work or further procedures considered necessary to achieve resolution of the problem.

Written Reports

  • Description of each defect with recorded dimensions - location, crack/gap widths, deflections and extent.
  • Coloured photograph of each defect.
  • Every document site specific with nil generic layouts having ticked 'boxes' to record the comments, defects or details.
  • Appropriate monitoring of defects implemented if required to further ascertain the status of the damage. (This is necessary to confirm if stability of the defect has been attained so that rectification work can be implemented as required.)

Design Drawings

  • Footings
  • Floor Slabs
  • Steel Beams / Columns
  • Retaining Walls